Westminster Tacoma Update

The worshipping congregation of Westminster Tacoma has dispersed since its last day of worship on Easter Sunday, and those members are seeking new church homes throughout the Tacoma/Puyallup area. Please continue to pray for them on that journey. 

The building of Westminster is now the new worshipping home for two exciting Worshipping communities:

1) Umoja Presbyterian Church, who started to worship at the Westminster site on July 9! Pray for this faithful group of Kenyan immigrants who are gathering to worship in the style of their home congregation (Presbyterian Church of East Africa), and are seeking to find a solid foundation with the PCUSA and the Presbytery of Olympia. They continue in their search for a new pastor with the help of COM. 

2) Rock City, an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) new worshipping community, has been meeting once a month on Saturday evenings at Westminster since the beginning of 2017. Starting in August, this faith community will worship two Saturdays a month, at the Westminster location as they offer the love and reconciliation of the Gospel to the East Tacoma neighborhood. 

Please continue to pray for the Administrative Commission that is tasked with walking into the future with this ministry site and the ministries housed within. 

Thank you to Lakewood Presbyterian for hosting Umoja for these past few years! You were such a gift to Umoja and the Presbytery!