The “State of the Presbytery” was presented at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Olympia WA on Saturday, February 20, 2016. Here’s an index to the videos (Parts 1 & 2).  

Part 1
Welcome & opening prayer—Harlan Shoop, Moderator

(09:09) “Canoeing over Mountains”  Video Clip introducing Tod Bolsinger and adaptive chang

The size and shape of our canoe
(13:23) A snapshot of Church Statistics—Kari McFarland, Stated Clerk  STATISTICS document
(18:28) Our financial picture—Bernie Cooper, Administrative Board FINANCIAL document

Finding new ways over the mountains

(31:05) Report on 2015 Goals—Keith Tanis, Exec
(36:52)    Missional Theology
(40:06)  Adapting to New Realities (Part-time pastors)
(43:27)  Merging with another church—Gary Jackson, Kelso
(48:27)  Sharing a pastor—Dan Wiktorek, South Beach
(53:16)  Reducing hours—Robyn Hogue, Skyline

Part 2    Missional Experiments 

(00:00)  Pub Theology—Nancy Lundquist, Longview  
(05:28)  Community ministry—Gary Stevens, Tenino
(13:01)  Body Image, Cancer support group—Anne-Cecile Porter, UPPC

New Worshipping Communities

(18:09)  New models: Dinner Church & Prison Church
(21:07)  Satellite Church (LCOP) 
(23:34)  UMOJA—John Alfred
(27:32)  UMOJA—Margaret Abuji    

Following the Shoshone (New ways of leadership)—Harlan Shoop, Moderator

Closing prayer—David Ammons, Vice-moderator


Canoeing the Mountains, by Tod Bolsinger (copies available at UPPC at our March Presbytery meeting)

Last Call: from serving drinks to serving Jesus, by Jerry Herships

Journey to Freedom, by Scott Reall

Journey to Healthy Living, by Scott Reall

Discussing questions for “Theology Pub” at Longview Pres

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, OlyPres leaders gathered at Westminster Olympia to hear and discuss the “State of the Presbytery.” Here are links to the printed reports as well as videos of the presentations.  We'd love to hear from you: email


State of the Presbytery                           Membership & Finances                                 


Part 1  runtime 23 minutes

0:00-2:45         Welcome & opening prayer by Julie Johnson & David Kegley    

2:45-10:43       “You are Here”—an introduction by Keith Tanis, Executive Presbyter            

10:42-17:25     Membership report—by Kari McFarland, Stated Clerk 

17:25-23:26     Financial report—by Jim Maxwell, Administrative Board 


Part 2 Review and commentary on “From Scarcity to Abundance” by Keith Tanis

This report from the Strategic Board expands on the missional priorities set by the Presbytery in January 2011. It also lists nexts steps including an invitation for churches to covenant together for the next three years in order to focus on our mission!

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