Missional Transformation

WHAT IS IT? Simply put, missional transformation is changing the primary focus of a church from inside the church to outside the church. It’s based on the assumption that God is already up to something in our neighborhoods and communities. We want to engage with what God is doing already. As we do that, God’s love and power will transform both us and our neighbors!



Gather a small group of churches and pastors into groups—“cohorts”—to learn together how to better engage our communities.


CHURCH COHORTS will include:

  • A “Guide Team” of 5-6 people to guide the process in each participating church
  • Spiritual discernment through “Dwelling in the Word”
  • A coach (TEP Keith Tanis) to keep the system from getting stuck
  • Reading & resources on missional transformation
  • “Listening Teams” trained in Appreciative Inquiry
  • An on-line Church 360 survey through The Missional Network
  • Identifying adaptive challenges



  • A 9-month process
  • Cohorts of 5-6 churches will meet quarterly for training beginning Saturday, March 9
  • Each “Guide Team” will meet monthly in their local church
  • Pastors of churches in a cohort will also be coached in missional leadership in a separate clergy cohort
  • At the end of 9 months cohort(s) will retreat with OlyPres Strategic Board to ask, What have we learned so far? What are our next steps?



For more information, please call or email Keith Tanis:  Keith@olypres.org   562-682-1367