105 People
15 Tables
8 Questions
7 Hours
+ 1 Great meal
= closer relationships, new ideas, and a desire to continue the conversation! 

I’m thinking bigger and wider than I have in a long time!
I will actually use what I have learned and want to explore these issues more.
It validated what our church is currently struggling with.
It wasn’t boring!
It was the best Presbytery I’ve ever attended!
— From the evaluations

Here’s a virtual “high five” to UPPC for hosting this special meeting of OlyPres on March 14! The coffee kept flowing along with table conversations set up by our facilitator, Craig VanGelder. Our initial feedback 
expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to share with others our common struggles, hopes and dreams. Many expressed a desire to have more of these kinds of conversations! 
Below are links to more feedback from our event: 

Click here for: Notes from the table group verbal reports. 
Click here for: Full report of table group responses to eight questions. Note especially the final section: 

We believe the Spirit of God is leading Olympia Presbytery to… 

Photos by Rev. Jett Brooks